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AUXO TWEAK – Best $1.99 Reason To Jailbreak

You would think that Apple would want to look at every tweak that third party JAILBREAK enthusiasts are using. They haven’t updated the keyboard on the iPhone or IOS at all since IOS was built. The Control Center in IOS 7 is an improvement, but to really make it functional, you need to JAILBREAK your phone.


AUXO 2 ($1.99 on Cydia Repository) is a third party tweak that is a MUST.  Like the image above shows, it opens up to control center, but with a few differences. You see the Application Switcher in the middle? You can scroll through open Apps without going back to a HOME screen and switch between them in a flash.

FLIP CONTROL Center  allows you to add additional switches to both the top and bottom rows, for fast easy control of things like toggling the flashlight, go straight to settings or toggle WIFI or Airplane modes.  These are obviously working tweaks and in demand, so why doesn’t Apple just allow folks to use their phones the way we want to?

Apple has kept the iPhone OS very tightly controlled.  I can understand security reasons, but are they that lame that exploits continue to become available with every IOS release?  It’s a Cat & Mouse game they play, sealing up one exploit, only to create others.

And by exploit, I mean to holes in IOS that JAILBREAKS need in order to gain root access to the phone. This enables third party software that Apple cannot produce, the ability to run (all at the risk of the end user violating the EULA).

I TWEAT regularly to @Tim_Cook, “What has happened to ‘Think Different’, the Steve Jobs mantra he introduced upon his return to Apple from exile?”.  When Jobs came back in 1997 and walked onto the WWDC stage to a deafening roar of approval from the crowd for the first time after his return. He promised an open source MAC OS (to become OSX) based on the contributions from thousands of independent UNIX developers.  He promised a commitment to developers that Apple would communicate and cooperate in a new way. It seems the open systems and cooperation Jobs promised, have vanished.

Everything Apple is making has become less field serviceable that ever. Screens are glued on the iMac, no (regular) screws are being used in exterior cases. We get the idea Apple doesn’t want end users inside their devices. Therein is the rub. We aren’t borrowing what we buy. WE PAY FOR HARDWARE!

So why is it so unfathomable that we would want to use the devices, with whatever software we want? The FCC has said that if a device is not under contract, wholly owned by the end user, they are entitled to unlock the phone to use on any carrier of choice. The directive goes further to say that the process of “opening systems” which is also known as ROOTING or JAILBREAKING is also up to and only the responsibly of the end user.

(to be continued)

Microsoft Is Not Going Away / Surface 2 Might Challenge Apple To Stay On Top

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While Apple fans anxiously await new iPad models to be announced at the Oct. 22, 2013 Event, with updated screens and faster processors from Apple, Inc., Microsoft is not sleeping. The MS Surface is alive and selling to Windows customers.  Apple’s lead in the phone and tablet market may soon be threatened not only by Samsung, a formidable adversary, but by Microsoft, apparently moving more into the consumer hardware market with a range of new tablets and accessories,  with it’s new Surface 2 line.

…quoting a controversial report from Julienne Pepitone at [CNNMoney NEW YORK]
“IPad sales are slumping, and Apple’s share of the tablet market is in a tailspin. Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) is hoping to reverse the trend on Tuesday. The company is expected to reveal its first revamped iPad in a year during an event in San Francisco.”

Supporting Apple products over the years, has been a privilege and my vocation. Apple respected independent contractors to help service it’s products in the field, even though Apple retail stores have proliferated in major cities around the world with “Genius Help Desks” and one on one training and troubleshooting. There was a void in Apple Support that we consutants filled in the field servicing computers of individuals and corporate installations. They had very stringent qualifications requiring training and passing pretty tough tests, in order to become “certified” and part of the Apple Consultant’s Network.  These are people that Apple would list on it’s website and an end user could find to provide onsite support for individuals or corporate Apple customers. Continue reading Microsoft Is Not Going Away / Surface 2 Might Challenge Apple To Stay On Top


Today I feel a tad stupid for not reading my email completely. I have been receiving notices from MobileMe for about a month or more warning that my account was about to expire. Yesterday Feb. 23rd I got an email saying it was going to expire Feb 24. So I bought a key from a third party vendor off eBay.

Then today I am reading articles that say Apple has pulled retail packages from stores and it’s no longer available for purchase from the Apple store online. Thanks for nothing Apple! I emailed the person I bought it from and she just received a shipment of 30 packages (ouch, really)! I called Apple Support to see if I could get a refund but THEY WOULDN’T ISSUE ONE BECAUSE I BOUGHT FROM A THIRD PARTY!

I feel stupid because I really only keep the account for the email address. I’ve never really used any of the other services except for unsuccessful sync attempts that screwed up my calendar and Address Book. I have the same “Family” groups showing 4 times on my iPhone, yet it only shows once in either MobileMe or on my MacBook Pro.

Speculation in articles online claim that MobileMe will soon be offered for free to compete with Google services. The idea being to make leaner mobile devices that keep all of your stuff on “their cloud” servers, available from anywhere.

I guess if they offer some premium set of services for “pay”, might be all set except for buying all new hardware. They’ve supposedly built a super server farm in North Carolina under top secret development. They are supposed to run iTunes and App Stores from there. That’s where Apple’s vision of “cloud services” should come to fruition. It might work if the network bandwidth is there to support it. So far I have not seen any wireless data network deliver any great media experience.

What makes me feel really dumb is in the Apple email’s last line of the services I’d lose it says, “except for MobileMe mail” on the iPhone the text was tiny. I didn’t read the entire email carefully, I just reacted to the threat. Being on disability my cash is slim. So I don’t get groceries this week I guess, Stevey.

I’ve been on the fence about upgrading my iPhone. This has me leaning a little more towards buying the new 4G Samsung Galaxy S from T-Mobile instead of waiting for iPhone 5. T-Mobile’s data network called HSPDA+ is the current speed leader in the USA supposedly capable of 10Mbits. Rumors are also flying that iPhone 5 may be delayed until September 2011. T-Mobile’s data network they are “calling 4G” is really technically 3.5G, according to network analysts and pundits.

With these wireless international network carriers, it’s one-ups-man-ship or who can deploy the fastest data networks the quickest for the barrage of newer data hungry wireless devices. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple bought it’s own wireless network and made certain devices ONLY OPERABLE ON THEIR NETWORK

GSM networks are more universal worldwide, which ATT and T-Mobile are in the USA. Sprint and Verizon use the CDMA data technology at the moment, with higher speed build outs and newer LTE (faster) technology waiting in the wings.

Only Apple knows if it will make a model capable of operating on T-Mobile, USA or any other networks. They make a model for T-Mobile in Europe. It’s also assumed it is just a matter of time until iPhone will be widely available on many other carriers.

It seems likely to me that a broader range of accessible wireless devices, multiple style models and lesser expensive iPhone models that store everything in the cloud.

Slow iPhone sales on Verizon, capable iPad competition from Dell, Samsung, LG, Blackberry (RIM), Motorola, HP, Sony, et al, may hasten Apple to broaden it’s US market by making truly provider independent groups of phones, like mini-flips, iPhone, intermediate sized iPad/iPhones, larger high res iPads really soon, to keep it’s lead.

ATT is offering the 3GS for $49.00 with a two year commitment. The current IOS 4.2.1 runs badly on a 3G but okay on a 3GS. I imagine Apple might have an agreement with ATT not to release a new model or to other carriers until ATT’s supply of 3GS’ are sold way down or gone completely.

If Apple were getting ready to make the service free, why then keep the automated renewal threats going until the very last day? Squeeze every last dime? I made money once from Apple stock, so enjoy my contribution, Apple. Kehna Hura!

The new MacBook Pros look pretty sweet though, especially the Quad core i7 processor 17″ model w/eSATA capability. The Thunderbolt port will break out to support current 24″ LED Display Port connectors and Thunderbolt connecters will connect to new machine. The specs say the port will also accept the current display port plug directly.