If I had to gripe about the iPhone… here it is.

I’ve seen people griping about different shortcomings of the new iPhone. Mostly though, people seem to be loving them.

What’s my pet peeve? You cannot manually add songs as you choose, directly to the iPhone! You can add playlists, but not by drag & drop. Oh no, you have to select which playlists to add to the phone. So if you just want to add 1 song, it MUST BE IN A PLAYLIST! This is a really stupid programming oversight. You’d think with the success of the iPOD, Apple would know to make the interface consistent with the iPod. You also have to perform “Sync” in order to add the song. I didn’t really buy an iPhone to use as a music player. I bought it for other features, and so far I am pretty happy with the decision.

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Twenty-four hours til iPhone on Lincoln Road



I went over to the Apple Store on Lincoln Road today at about 2:45pm (Miami Beach, FL). Sitting here in front of Lincoln Road Apple Store in LINE waiting for iPhone! Only a dozen or so mac addicts are here with me. The first arrived at 4:45am today.


Some of the guys (there are no women yet) are arguing about the order in which they are in line. Rumour is there are only 40 or so iPhones alloted to each Apple store and you can buy two, so about 8 more folks, and the Lincoln road store will be sold out.[JK] There are certain to be many, many,many more folks hangin’ out by tomorrow at 6pm when the iPhone will actually go on sale.


Hilliard Jason from our Mac users list said:

“Avi: The rumor doesn’t make sense, given the head of steam that Apple helped generate for this event. It would be a massive PR disaster if thousands of people are turned away, starting in the first hour, when they are keeping the stores open for 6 hours, starting at 6 and going until midnight. And they wouldn’t be allowing 2 phones per person if inventory were that low.” 

I gotta agree. It would peeve even the loyalist Mac-Head. And given it’s now less than 24 hours, I wonder how many more folks are camping out? (only a few more – like 18 – were there at store closing at 11pm Thursday evening)

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Mac OSX Server Requirements


Installing and Configuring Mac OS X Server

(quoted from Mac OSX Server Essentials – “A Guide to Using and Supporting Mac OSX Server 10.4” – Peachpit Press Books – with notes from the Blog author)

Minimum Hardware Requirements The basic installation requirements are as follows:

PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor

Built in FireWire
512 MB of RAM; at least 1 GB of RAM for high demand servers running multiple services (consultant reccommends: 2gb to 4gb for high traffic or A/V graphics storage) At least 4 GB of available disk space

You do not need a keyboard or display. As you will see later in this lesson, you can install Mac OS X Server using an administrator computer or another server.

NOTE: While the requirements are very similar, not all computers that could run Mac OS X Server vl0.3 are supported by Mac OS X Server vl0.4. Earlier computers that didn’t have built in FireWire, such as the Bondi Blue iMac computers, are no longer supported.

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