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Mac OSX Server Requirements


Installing and Configuring Mac OS X Server

(quoted from Mac OSX Server Essentials – “A Guide to Using and Supporting Mac OSX Server 10.4” – Peachpit Press Books – with notes from the Blog author)

Minimum Hardware Requirements The basic installation requirements are as follows:

PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor

Built in FireWire
512 MB of RAM; at least 1 GB of RAM for high demand servers running multiple services (consultant reccommends: 2gb to 4gb for high traffic or A/V graphics storage) At least 4 GB of available disk space

You do not need a keyboard or display. As you will see later in this lesson, you can install Mac OS X Server using an administrator computer or another server.

NOTE: While the requirements are very similar, not all computers that could run Mac OS X Server vl0.3 are supported by Mac OS X Server vl0.4. Earlier computers that didn’t have built in FireWire, such as the Bondi Blue iMac computers, are no longer supported.

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