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Apple’s Precision Tolerances Can Make Things Sticky

Apple has had the small footprint Bluetooth keyboard for some time. The battery chamber has a very tight fit. I have one of the original models that takes three AA batteries.

I have had batteries leak and make it almost impossible to get them out.

My daughter had a newer 2 battery keyboard, and upon realizing the batteries were dead, could not get the screw cap off to change the batteries.

On Christmas Day we were fooling with it and her husband and I became obsessed with getting that cap out. We bent several coins, holding them with a vice grips.

Finally we got out a Dremmel and ground at that sucker until we got the batteries out. We tried torch heat to free it frying the Escape key. Once we did all this hacking, we got the old leaking batteries out, popped in some new ones. Amazingly, the darn thing still works. All except the Escape key.



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JAILBREAK FOR IOS 7.0.6 – None for IOS 7.1

Relax folks. You all were well forwarned JAILBREAK 7.1.0 was NOT REALLY READY FOR PRIME TIME (nor will it ever be!). DEVELOPERS OF THIRD PARTY Software NEED TIME TO MAKE THEIR TWEAKS COMPATIBLE. The EVAD3ERS group, the prime team providing easy Jailbreak software say. “stay on IOS 7.0.6 if you want a Jailbreak, We won’t be issuing another utility until after IOS 8 and the next round of iDevices are released. We will not be releasing and Evasion tool to Jailbreak IOS 7.1”.

ThIrd party developers programming are not quite in sync with the Evad3rs Team, “so don’t shoot the messenger”.

This kind fellow on Facebook does a terrific job and writes timely information delivering the news about EVASION IOS JAILBREAK. HE AIN’T RESPONSIBLE for anything. But he tries like hell to get the news out fast, accuratly and keep confusion to a minimum.

So many comments from you BUGGERS, screaming and whining , wanting the JAILBREAK for IOS 7-7.04. Well you got it. And think of it this way, you GOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR – JUST AN OS not a promise all other software would work. And a firm warning to that affect.

Saurik and these guys have families too. Nasty comments get through and Fxxx you turds who do this. Please – get lost and let these people have lives too. They don’t have to do any of this for “free” and to enlighten our community. They don’t owe you a damned thing, remember that!

When Apple releases OS updates, they have many, many programmers working to check compatibility with existing Apps and another group working with major app makers like Adobe and Microsoft testing and tweaking their software.

With major upgrades like Mavericks, older software breaks and you find yourself regretting the update. Because software that worked flawlessly the day before becomes incompatible. They try to publish as complete a compatibility list as they can.

Forced to be a clandestine community since the release of IOS, we have demanded of Apple the openness Steve Jobs promised at the official release of OSX. It has faded away as Apple became such a powerful business. They dictate the use of products and do NOT PROVIDE OPEN ACCESS TO THEIR OS’es. If you don’t like the look, tough tittys. You bought into the culture.

Apple has decided to regress into the old vertical OS strategy, and force rigid controls, programmers must comply with in order for Apple to “sign” or sanction the use of an App on its OS. No difference for IOS. In fact since IOS was released a much tighter control Apple has been insisted upon. So jailbreaking and unlocking became necessary for device “FREEDOM” what we expect to have when we buy a tool or piece of hardware. If you take an alternate you void your Apple warranty.

Simply said they feel a device Like a mobile device using a public carrier, where your dsta is flying around through space airwaves for anyone to capture and abuser to steal. Phones contain so much of your personal data like credit cards and your social security number, remain secure and protected. Kudos for them taking a stand against the NSA for using “back doors” forced by the government to spy on everyone, not just terrorists, regular citizens like you and I.

On the other hand, we JAILBREAKERS take it upon ourselves to live outside this secured comfort zone for the FREEDOM. To use what we want as we want.

I can understand the allure of TAIG offering $1,000,000.00 to these guys to include their store for Chinese users. Release of removes this.

The guys should have released two separate JAIBREAKS. ONE FOR CHINESE MARKET ONLY. Another version for everyone else. The Chinese have no qualms about stealing our technology and hacking back doors to spy on us. I live on the gubment teat on Disability Social Security, so congrats on the income guys, you deserve it, considering the abuse you get online from so many impatient jerks!

It’s one way the Chinese can advance their technology and have no scruples about complying to copyright and stealing other people’s intellectual property. Their government enforces their rigid copyright but ignores the rights of any other country or nationality encouraging piracy.

During your negotiations, you should have been made it clear that we in the US have no use for Chinese language software. They should have been happy with a separate release just for THEIR PRIME MARKET.

So oops! You made a boo boo. We all screw up up. We just have come to expect the “Lords of the Jailbreak” to be superhuman. Guess what? They are just way above average GEEKS like the us, trying to provide alternate freedoms.

Those of you who don’t speak English and cannot write with it with any clarity please just shut up on the Facebook blog ! You are a bloody bunch of whiny twits, ignorant and stupid. I’m tired of your infantile behavior and demands. Grow some nads and act like adults.

Eventually (quicker than you think I bet) the other developers will catch up and their tweaks will work with JAILBREAK

WAKE UP. WISE UP. AND RTFM. If you are stuck with a “bricked device” you are just SOOL out of luck. You didn’t read the EULA instructions and warnings beforehand. So its your own ignorant fault!

iPhone Turned Apple Into a Different Kind of Company

… Is Apple intending to make all Apple devices “disposable”?

I have written about this trend of vertical integration by Apple before. Now OSX Mavericks is “free”. (UPDATE- it is now possible to create a bootable installer on a thumb drive capable of repair or clean install onto any capable MAC)

Those of us who weathered the darker days
when it was surmised Apple was going under, remember (…and Michael Dell commenting about what he would do if he ran Apple. “They should dissolve the company and return the money to it’s shareholders.” – now he has egg on his face!)

A much more open and adventurous OS environment was coming (eventually called OSX). From the very first Mac, Apple intended to keep the “end user” out of the hardware “chassis” making it difficult to open without it’s own special tools. Pre-OSX operating systems weren’t much better.

Let’s face it, all we heavy duty Graphic Arts OS9 users knew we had to save every couple minutes in case the OS crashed, and we would lose all of our precious hard work. We now have a new Mac Pro. It’s a major departure in design, cylindrical shape unlike any other desktop computer. Small footprint but a powerful machine that rivals other commercial workstations and at a lower price.


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Techtool Pro 7 – Sophos AV – Apple Store On-2-One.


Happy start of the mad shopping season!

I plan to buy all gifts online as I have done the past several years. I don’t really enjoy going into the Apple Store mosh pit environment all that much either.

I have noticed Apple store one-2-one advisors tutoring outside of the store. There is no place inside the store that is quiet. It may be different in the Mega-Stores in NYC or Chicago. But you would think that would give Apple a clue to a flaw in their stores totally open design. Continue reading Techtool Pro 7 – Sophos AV – Apple Store On-2-One.

iPad Retina Mini “Quiet Release” Bad Reporting CNBC – Thanksgivikah

Ooops! … A few flawed facts and misstatements about “Apple quiet releases” and about Chanukah being a “High Holiday”.

This short report aired today, riddled with one obnoxious error after another! It doesn’t surprise me these reporters get the facts confused, it’s glamor news reporting at best. CNBC also droned on several times wtoday about Chris Christy NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016. Steven Colbert on “The Colbert Report at midnight showed Christy on about seven different “news” channels. He said the same thing, I am only interested in being governor of New Jersy. It was hysterically redundant!
Ironically, if you view this video on the web with the iPad App, they have an edited version and cut off the end of the report where the really glaring reporting errors were made.

I should have recorded it and posted it here on my blog, but I started writing and changed the channel. What they said about that the “Apple (stealth) releases never happening…”, then later on saying, “Chanukah was a High Holiday” when it actually it is not – are just not correct. So, I wrote them a terse email, telling them where they were in error and why. Also some additional history about Christianity and Judaism. It’s pretty long winded, SORRY!

The iPad Mini with the new A7 chip and Retina display was released in limited quantity today. Only the 16GB & 32GB WiFi models were released. Both were still available at the Indianapolis Apple store at 2:30pm EST. By 6pm, they were all sold out. The Cincinnati store still had some of the 32GB White Mini available at 6pm but were sold out by 8pm.Other models, the 64GB WiFi and all of the 4G LTE models have delivery dates on the Apple store of 5-15 days. So all models are coming very soon. I expect the limited release was designed to wet the publics whistle, as all models will be (should be) available for Christmas and Chanukah gift buying purchasing.
eMail I sent to CNBC NEWS
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