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New Mac Mini Sports HDMI port and nVidia 320 Graphics

But the Apple Store on online appears to be closed temporally. Looks like a bargain starting at $699 for 2.4ghz processor and 4 gigs of RAM.  Ram expandable to 8 gigs.  Easy access to ram, bottom just twists off for access.

New All Alumnium Mac Mini

port features 4 USB FW 800 Built in power supply

Re: [GCMAC] syncing Blackberry to Mac

Hey Marian,

Pocket Mac is a horrible application, and I believe the Curve is not supported. Have him/her try Missing Sync for Blackberry. They just came out with a new v2.0 for the Blackberry platform. It’s going to
cost $40, but it is well worth it.

Giuseppe Di Franco

[GCMAC] syncing Blackberry to Mac

Dear BlackBerry users,

A co-worker has a Blackberry Curve that she would like to sync with her iMac running OX 10.4.11. She says she downloaded the Pocket Mac software, but her Mac will not see the BlackBerry at all. Not sure if she also installed the updated drivers or not. Or if she needs to. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Buying an iPhone is not an option. 😉

Thanks much!
Marian Wertalka

Advice that worked: Archive and Install, trash haxies, kill .plists

From Macfixit this is a great article

Archive and Install
It’s amazing how much controversy was generated by our recommendation that users perform an Archive and Install when upgrading from Mac OS X 10.4.x to Mac OS X 10.5.x, with pundits claiming that the process represents a wholly unnecessary waste of time. This despite the fact that hundreds if not thousands of who used the default “Upgrade” path experienced problems that could have been obviated by the generally painless and relatively quick Archive and Install process, which we initially recommended and Apple later proposed itself in a Knowledge Base article.

If I had to gripe about the iPhone… here it is.

I’ve seen people griping about different shortcomings of the new iPhone. Mostly though, people seem to be loving them.

What’s my pet peeve? You cannot manually add songs as you choose, directly to the iPhone! You can add playlists, but not by drag & drop. Oh no, you have to select which playlists to add to the phone. So if you just want to add 1 song, it MUST BE IN A PLAYLIST! This is a really stupid programming oversight. You’d think with the success of the iPOD, Apple would know to make the interface consistent with the iPod. You also have to perform “Sync” in order to add the song. I didn’t really buy an iPhone to use as a music player. I bought it for other features, and so far I am pretty happy with the decision.

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