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The Shokler lineup, in order of birth
The Shokler lineup,  in order of birth,  was Rose, Philip, Morris, Harry, Lillian, Fanny, Jean and Molly. I don’t know if the sketch was Phyllis.  Do ask her? Any more questions, please ask me or your mom.

Kolmen Shokler, my grandfather, came to the U.S.  to escape the czar’s army.. He met Ida Berg here and married her.  She had a sister, whom we knew as Tanta Yetta. Incidentally Aunt Fan often worked sewing at the fur store, which was the family meeting place in downtown Cinti. She also went on buying trips to N.Y. with Phil, maybe with her father, too.

Chanukah Lights from Indiana

Chanukah with Nathan, Jacob Leah and friends
Chanukah Kids 2010

Of course you know how Uncle Harry made his serigraphy. He used b&w litho films to separate the colors shot through different color filters.

Harry Shokler’s Website

The picture above represents a modern computerized version of his technique, sort of. The end result you see is the result of layering three separate digital photo images in Photoshop.

Two of the photos, including the main image, is somewhat softer than the image of the Menorah and orange matt. The picture of “Menorah On An Orange Matt”, was taken the following night with a 4G iPhone which has a better camera resolution.

The picture of Leah was cut and layered to the front (from the other kids, behind Nathan Zeh are brother and sister of Abi in the hat) of the main image.

The photo of Jacob was from a completely different image taken that same night. I took those on an iPhone 3G then used Photoshop CS4 on my Mac. Doing this allowed me to do in a few minutes what used to take me a week, to do photomechanically.

Photo magic, huh? Uncle Harry’s Serigraphy was an early means of separating color images pre-color photo films being available. It was a means of widely distributing his paintings in a variety of sizes.

Cancer Really Sucks, Big Time- crummy way to diet though

Sliced open from behind my ear down my neck

3/4 around my neck. For those of you following the GCMAC listserv you already know I have been battling Squamous Cell Carcinoma discovered in a golf ball sized swollen lymph node on my neck. Neck Slice.The ENT doctor didn’t tell me it was major surgery, rather a biopsy “dissection”. Unless they couldn’t determine with local biopsies, then he would remove the swollen one. Once I awoke from surgery he told me that he removed the swollen one and 41 others on the the right side of my neck.

• Seems like this is one of those “curable Cancers” with a 90% success rates. It’s still the worst pain I have ever experienced, with daily radiation treatments for the last four weeks. It was all I could do to take a ride to the hospital each day, get a treatment, then home and collapse into bed.

• My darling children and my ex-wife have been providing some care, but I wasn’t doing to well living on my own, most of the time. Got so dehydrated then delirious, I am back in the hospital getting continuous fluids as of last Thursday, anti-nausea medicine, with four more radiation treatments to go.

• Not the best weight loss regimen I’d recommend, but I’ve shed 130 pounds since leaving Florida in 2009 – good riddance. My life style is changing, and I’m determined to dance with at my Granddaughter Leah’s wedding!

Gramps & Leah
Gramps & Leah

Jobs Announces iPhone SDK tools

We think a few months of patience now will be rewarded by many years of great third party applications running on safe and reliable iPhones.

Steve (P. Jobs)

P.S.: The SDK will also allow developers to create applications for iPod touch. [Oct 17, 2007]

I’m not sure why Steve Jobs didn’t just think of saying this back at the Developer Conference when announcing the iPhone. He could have said “soon after” or “within a reasonable amount of time” or “soon, with relation to the release of Leopard and it’s new SDK’s”. Perhaps this is all part of his plan anyway. They say, “… any press is good press”, so I imagine the furor over the iPhone and it’s “closed” architecture was a test for Apple to find out how vulnerable this v.1 product is, also to see how truly interested developers really are in the platform.

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