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IPhone 6 Guessing (???) Designs Proliferate And A New Scam Is Born

Has anyone else seen this new scam?

The iPhone 6 is not even announced yet, and I’m already getting spam to pre-order my new phone, before Apple has even hinted at the product release! Not from eBay or Amazon, but from some third party resellers offering ridiculous discounts by “pre-ordering” an iPhone 6. I blame this on all of the pre-release hype!

During a recent earnings call for investors…Apple CEO Tim Cook stated,
“We care about every detail and it takes us a bit longer to do that. That’s always been the case,” he said. “It means more to us to get it right than to be first…”

“There’s to dog-gone darn much speculatin’ going on here!” – Elmer Fudd

I blame this “rush to promote” on all of the pre-release hype. I know it’s a scam, but it’s annoying and suggests un-savvy buyers could fall prey.

It’s more than a little distracting, anticipating the release of a new Apple product. The distraction is the lure and promise by Apple iPhone 6 prognosticator artists, rendering ad quality video and guessing (with action video) as to what the new models will look like. They base their renderings on photos supposed to be authentic pre release parts or production molds leaked from Chinese manufacturers.

I think all of this gives spammers and crooks a new bit to try and steal from the unsuspecting. After all, these “fake” ads look as if Apple made them. Edited out of context, and you have something truly believable.

I sold my iPad 4 in order to purchase the iPhone 5S was a good move, I think. Many of my followers know that I try to cycle my Apple products routinely. I try to gauge the market for resale so I can get current Mac and iPhone models. I don’t buy when products are released as a rule.

Regurgitating the hype of new releases has become a yearly obsession by the media, Apple Watchers and investors. No shortage of people writing and trying to guess what Apple will offer. (Now I’m writing about it, too!)


I’ve taken to writing this blog text on my iPhone 5S. This is the fastest and best iteration of this form factor. Having had a 4, 4S, skipped the 5 then bought a deeply discounted 5S from Virgin Mobile ($349).

“The iCloud” is now working pretty well as an adjunct repository for Apple devices sharing data, video, music and photos. So I have not found that the higher memory model iPhones have been necessary, for me. I don’t need to use my local storage if I choose not to, or my own severs for music or photos at all. I send backups regularly up to “the (i)Cloud”, sync my 1Password, Safari Bookmarks, contacts across the cloud, and minimize music and photos on my iPhone so it works well within the 16gigabyte storage on the least expensive 5S.

We resisted cloud storage and network dependency for a long time, because I feared privacy invasion or security risks. Then I acquiesced, rationalizing that Apple, the NSA or the “Blacklist” can find me, get any information they want about me, very easily.

I’ve put myself out there JUST buying an iPhone (and into the Apple ecosystem), going on Facebook, buying in eBay and Amazon. And it’s amazing how both Amazon and eBay know my buying habits so well, they both tempt me with exactly the products I long for or drool over.

I do also keep backups at home locally on my own hard drives, to be safe. You never know when the cloud is going to explode, Implode or vaporize!

Around The Grandkids

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?


Could These Be A Cancer Cause?? – StaticMaster and Electrostatic air brushes used in Photo dark rooms.

UPDATE JULY 2012 – They found a nodule on my Thyroid which they say is “compromised” but benign. Another word doctors used was “atrophied”, To me either word means “dead” so I will have my Thyroid with it’s “suspicious, hairy, football shaped nodule” removed in late August after returning from my mother Phyllis’ 90th birthday gathering of family.


I spent the better part of my photographic career in the dark room. (Mister Mushroom – they keep you in the dark and feed you shit -so I must be a Mushroom) If you count the time I was learning to print and develop my own film and color prints then produce photo murals professionally for 25 years, total was about 40 years.

In the mid 1960’s when first learning how to develop and print B&W photographs, we used a device called a “StaticMaster” (one and three inch models shown above) which was a camel’s hair brush that came with a strip of polonium covered by an aluminum “protective shield”.

The purpose of the strip being to reduce the static charges that attract dust to film and the glass carriers we used to hold the film flat in custom photo enlarging equipment.

We also used a different, yet equally dangerous technology attached to an electro-statically charged, highly pressurized air brush. I think perhaps either or both used simultaneously, might have released tiny charged micro-particle(s) of polonium or dust into the air. I might have inhaled some dust that came in contact with the strip while prepping negatives or transparencies to be printed (enlarged).

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The Shokler lineup, in order of birth
The Shokler lineup,  in order of birth,  was Rose, Philip, Morris, Harry, Lillian, Fanny, Jean and Molly. I don’t know if the sketch was Phyllis.  Do ask her? Any more questions, please ask me or your mom.

Kolmen Shokler, my grandfather, came to the U.S.  to escape the czar’s army.. He met Ida Berg here and married her.  She had a sister, whom we knew as Tanta Yetta. Incidentally Aunt Fan often worked sewing at the fur store, which was the family meeting place in downtown Cinti. She also went on buying trips to N.Y. with Phil, maybe with her father, too.