I have not written so much lately, I do have to mention my WONKY iPhone XR lock out and SOS EMERGENCY “feature”.

THANK JONNY IVES for this stupid battery procedure of glueing batteries into iPhones and laptops since 2012. Glad he has quit Apple (note: I have little fondness for him at ALL).


At 1:07 am this morning my XR…

….sent out SOS EMERGENCY calls to my emergency contacts list! FIVE people (and 911) got an alert in the middle of the night. Phone was completely locked, buttons did nothing, could not access or restart. I could not even answer the phone when 911 tried to call me. While a nice feature, getting the damn phone to turn OFF might be a higher priority, than a damn thin-ass phone! My brother had a heart attack and bypass surgery a few weeks ago, so all of the people on my list have been on high alert since. Might be upsetting to get an alert that I had moved and had a critical health situation evolving.

I am old, so I suffer many ailments as I get older. Consequently, I am awake at odd hours. Unlike most of my “peers”, I should know every in and out of Apple iPhone use. I take them apart for GRINS and to figure out or replace parts (like a screen or battery).
I’ve stopped doing battery replacements for clients iPhones. Turns out to be a fairly dangerous process to change batteries in a 2014 15″ MacBook Pro. I discovered about Apple’s glued-in batteries.


You see, thanks to Sir Ives obsession with “thinness” Apple glues the batteries into laptops and most of their products, since 2012, I think. I bought the replacement battery. Then discovered it was bonded to the chassis. Many of you can remember when we could swap batteries, years ago?

I have access to Apple Online tech support, But I really had to dig to find the info about the darn batteries and how dangerous it was dealing with the adhesive.

Macsales.com and iFixit.com both have excellent repair guides. If you have patience and can follow online instructions & video, you might be able to do it. < still don’t recommend you try this as your 1st repair foray >

WHAT a pain in the butt.

So why is it such a pain? The claim for the Lithium battery is that they don’t get a “memory”, meaning repeated charging lowers the battery units ability to hold a charge at least until they start to wear out, but Catcha-22 there is no zero charge! So you have to very carefully slide something thin under the battery, to release the adhesive. And it’s really friggin’ strong adhesive, made stronger by the heat charging the battery produces. Wound up creating my own wooden non-conductive pries, from a tongue depressors like doctors use. Metal strong and sharp enough might puncture the cells of the battery. The batteries are actually six varied rectangular rubber coated, different sized pieces wired together. Yes, lithium is highly explosive, and can catch fire, even in a highly depleted electrical charged state. So a puncture battery is bad and can short to the chassis while attempting removal. This is one project definitely not in DIY territory!