Magnetic Power Connections



Not just for Power connection, really applies to all ports.

This was really bad of me for not checking more regularly. I don’t do much field work any more, or really go anywhere much less lugging a laptop.

Shorted out a new power-brick by not checking the port before connecting. I found out that the magnetic port had picked up some tiny metal particles causing the port to short and fry the supply. You can see the one darkened pin. Finally had to get some plastic tweezers, and pluck the 6 particles from port. Suppose I should have taken a “before” photo but realizing what they were I became worried they might further damage the machine.

So how’d they Get there!

Took the computer into the workshop and set it on the work bench. Pretty good about keeping a clean workbench (right). Must have been some filings on the bench the magnet of the port must have grabbed.

Fortunately for me, it didn’t fry the 15″ MacBook Pro. It is my only laptop at tge moment. Suppose I better start snooping around for something newer. So I suppose this is just a heads up to always check plugs and ports before connecting. Cost me at least one, possibly two power supplies.