iPad-The Toughest Repair

My grandkids iPad 2 got dropped and shattered the screen. iPad is the nastiest repair if it has a broken or a shattered screen. The screen is adhered by sticky tape which has to be carefully lifted with pry tools that look like guitar picks. Those were included with the screen kit. Finally had to resort to a razor blade to lift the shattered pieces which sent shreds flying all over my desk, even though I put packaging tape over the entire screen. 

Care must be taken not to go in to far with the blade. I did in one area, and cut the Wifi cable loose from it’s card. Wifi board was only $5.00 to replace and the screen was $60.00. Altogether put in about 3 hours, really taking my time. Final stage was to clean the display digitizer which was not damaged, and get free from any dust, then a few drops of crazy glue in loose areas.  Not a repair for the faint hearted. It was very messy and I am still finding tiny glass chards around my repair desk.

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