Replaced My iPhone 5S Battery

So I cracked open my 5S and replaced the battery. iPhone has been acting strangely, touch sensor – not sensing all the time, slower loading, for everything.

Could that really be, as battery wears down, performance and functions suffer? Really I supposed a lot of that was lack of memory. This almost seems like GM or Ford “DESIGN OBSOLESCENCE”!??

I have never kept an iPhone this long. And the 5S 16gb is sorely needing replacement. I want to hear Apple discontinue 16gb iPhone, starting with a minimum 32gb memory, at least in the U.S. I have not had room for many photos or videos for at least a year. And the lightning memory stick I bought, failed almost immediately. I am constantly shuffling off applications that I like, to have room for a video I need to take. While my 64gb iPad has plenty of room with a lot more added apps. Too bad I can’t mount an iPhone to an iPad  with a cable so I could dump photos or video directly.

I can really see a difference between the 6S camera and 5S. So I would like to upgrade for that reason alone. But I replaced the battery for really cheap, so I thought at least if I got some trade in value-added the next person to use my phone would have a fresh battery. Or just keep it until a really until significant iPhone 7 or 8 come to be.

I’ve read conjecture that a dual SIM might be in the pipeline for iPhone. My biggest gripe with iPhones is not having removable SIM. I gotta think it’s a Jobs thinking simplicity. But really, it just makes Apple more money and more frequent upgrades for consumers. I’ve never been able to justify enough money to buy higher memory models.

I think I am at that point now. But after taking a test to be a phone repair person, I thought I’d take a hack at my old phone, just to see if I could do it. I did lose one part in my carpet. A tiny metal thing the holds the battery ribbon cable to the chassis. So far no problem because of that.

I got this cool little magnetic mat that tells you the order of the screws and a place to put each one so reassembly is a snap. Getting the screen off is the toughest part, I had to go around the edge with a razor blade to loosen the screen enough to pop it loose. The mat below cost $7.00 (including tools to open the phone) battery was $8.00 shipped free.

So if you have an older phone, try cracking it open. BTW you still need a jeweler’s magnifier so you can see the tiny screws, unless of course you have super vision. It was fun to see and handle all of the tiny parts!