iPhone 5/5S High Rise Cradle Charges With the Case On

I bought this stand for my iPhone 5S from Amazon called the
Twelve South HiRise for iPhone/iPad mini-brushed Metal Stand Designed to Work with your Apple Lightning Cable.

It’s open style allows you to adjust the stand so you can charge or sync your phone, without removing it from a case. 20140303-201107.jpg20140303-204216.jpg

The top picture shows it supporting the phone without a case. It does NOT come with a cable or a connector at all. It uses your existing USB to Lightning cable in an ingenious way as the price of the stand is less $$$ than the limited Apple dock, which always requires removing the case.

It also works with the iSmooth 6′ cable. Really ingenious way around having to pay Apple a licensing fee in order to embed the chip in Lightning cables and docking accessories. Like, Apple needs the extra coin a small cable generates. Brushed aluminum matches MacBook Pros and Apple displays and iMacs.

I went through too many gel and rubbery cases wearing the stretch out having to remove them all the time. Apple puts a lot into the design look of its phones, but drop them onto a desk and the glass shatters or the frame dents. They have not resolved simple impact damage that can occur, except to extract another fee from us for “insurance”. So the case industry flourishes. Not a problem until Apple decides those will need a chip to work as well!

The older rubberized cases were okay but I now use the slim fitting NuGaurd case distributed by OWC.

Nugard iPhone Protective Cases

NuGAURD PROVIDES perfect shock protection without being difficult sliding into a shirt or coat pocket. It’s slimmer than any of the other rubbery cases I’ve had on previous iPhones.

I really enjoy the faster processor and overall speed of the 5S. Of course the iPhone 6 is just around the corner. I will be pissed if Apple changes the cable again. Of course the logical evolution would be a phone that could charge without a cable at all. It can sync without one now, so that might be the next “Big Thing” for iPhones.