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Happy start of the mad shopping season!

I plan to buy all gifts online as I have done the past several years. I don’t really enjoy going into the Apple Store mosh pit environment all that much either.

I have noticed Apple store one-2-one advisors tutoring outside of the store. There is no place inside the store that is quiet. It may be different in the Mega-Stores in NYC or Chicago. But you would think that would give Apple a clue to a flaw in their stores totally open design.
Has anyone looked at Techtool Pro 7 yet? I subscribed for years. Honestly, the only tool I have occasion to use is DATA RESCUE, lately. That only when I make a mistake deleting a drive contents or the disk directory gets munged. Disk Warrior still seems to work well for directory recovery.

On one of the Apple Professioals LikedIn discussion boards, has been the most active thread regarding anti-virus software.

Many of the posts still believe that OSX is totally invulnerable to attack, virus or “hacking”. While OSX (and IOS) provides a significantly superior secure environment than Windows, it is really not impervious. If one employs all of the security features in OSX, it is in fact highly impervious to virus attack.

Most of us (me included) don’t bother with File Vault security, it’s too much of a hassle. And I even take down the security level in order to allow software not bought from the APP Store to run. I also leave ROOT level access enabled all of the time. Something every book on OSX system says NEVER to do.

I do these things because I use my command line in Terminal a lot. Again, I also have purchased software that require the HIGH security level be disabled.

All that said, I also use SOPHOS free anti-virus. You would never know that it’s there, unless some highly suspicious code is about to execute, or an email attachment triggers a Vito’s alert.

Unlike Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky AV software which take control of all system level stuff, SOPHOS quietly, unobtrusively, monitors ALL system functions. The difference being software that acts like a GATEKEEPER rather than a brute who thinks all end users are stupid and must have forced system management they claim to provide. It has been my experience that the above mentioned “Security” software actually screws up your computer more often than protecting it. They also can rob the system of CPU and hard drive resources.

Sophos for personal use is free and downloadable at

Just my paltry 2¢

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