iPad Retina Mini “Quiet Release” Bad Reporting CNBC – Thanksgivikah

Ooops! … A few flawed facts and misstatements about “Apple quiet releases” and about Chanukah being a “High Holiday”.

This short report aired today, riddled with one obnoxious error after another! It doesn’t surprise me these reporters get the facts confused, it’s glamor news reporting at best. CNBC also droned on several times wtoday about Chris Christy NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016. Steven Colbert on “The Colbert Report at midnight showed Christy on about seven different “news” channels. He said the same thing, I am only interested in being governor of New Jersy. It was hysterically redundant!
Ironically, if you view this video on the web with the iPad App, they have an edited version and cut off the end of the report where the really glaring reporting errors were made.

I should have recorded it and posted it here on my blog, but I started writing and changed the channel. What they said about that the “Apple (stealth) releases never happening…”, then later on saying, “Chanukah was a High Holiday” when it actually it is not – are just not correct. So, I wrote them a terse email, telling them where they were in error and why. Also some additional history about Christianity and Judaism. It’s pretty long winded, SORRY!

The iPad Mini with the new A7 chip and Retina display was released in limited quantity today. Only the 16GB & 32GB WiFi models were released. Both were still available at the Indianapolis Apple store at 2:30pm EST. By 6pm, they were all sold out. The Cincinnati store still had some of the 32GB White Mini available at 6pm but were sold out by 8pm.Other models, the 64GB WiFi and all of the 4G LTE models have delivery dates on the Apple store of 5-15 days. So all models are coming very soon. I expect the limited release was designed to wet the publics whistle, as all models will be (should be) available for Christmas and Chanukah gift buying purchasing.
eMail I sent to CNBC NEWS
Two glaring inaccuracies on your 11/12/13 at 2:03 titled “Apple iPad Stealth Release” reporting on the “soft release” of the Apple iPad Retina Mini.

1) Apple has routinely “soft released” many products over the years after announcing them a few months in advance. It is a statistic easily verified on Google, Bing and Yahoo. So, it really is no big surprise as your reporter made out.

2) Chanukah is NOT A JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAY! Those holidays are “Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Succoth” which usually occur in September. Chanukah usually occurs around Christmas time. Due to Hebrew calendar “leap year” adjustment, the second day of Chanukah comes very early this year on Nov. 28 coinciding with Thanksgiving Day.

It is in fact really a political holiday celebrating an uprising against the Greek occupation in Judea.
This article “The Darker Side of Hanukkah” tells a dark tale about the Maccabean rebellion that we celebrate with Chanukah – An altogether different story appears in a commentary to Megillat Taanit, a list of festivals and fasts that was compiled in the Second Temple period.

Part of the article written says that,
“…the Greeks sent officials to the Land of Israel for the purpose of raping brides before their marriage, a legal ordinance also called jus primae noctis – in medieval legal documents or “right of the first night,” in modern scholarship.”

The commentary, called the Scholion, was composed in the talmudic period but edited sometime between the 9th and 11th centuries. It reports that the Greeks sent officials to the Land of Israel for the purpose of raping brides before their marriage, a legal ordinance also called jus primae noctis in medieval legal documents or “right of the first night,” in modern scholarship.

About the creation of modern Christianity and the New Testiment, in the 4th century AD, in order to differentiate Roman Christians from Jews, Emperor Constantine banned all Christians from celebrating Jewish Holidays (after forcing his will over the ecumenical enclave he had formed in order to separate Christians from Jews whose army helped Constantine seize power in a war between two generals. Up until that time Christians still considered themselves Jewish and enjoyed celebrating Jewish holidays and traditions).

Chanukah was especially declared heretical, as historically it was viewed by Romans as acts of terrorism and rebellion (against the occupying Greek Army). The occupied territory was then called Judea, which is now Israel. The Romans occupied Judea after the Greeks at the time of Jesus life and practiced just as brutal oppression of the Jewish people. The act of crucifying Jesus was an example of Roman persecution against the indigenous Jewish population.
The more gentle tale most associated with Chanukah, was that the Greeks desecrated all of the sanctified oil in Bet Hamikdash – The Holy Temple except for one vile or drum only sufficient for one day. Miraculously the oil lasted 8 days. So Jewish people celebrate for 8 days exchanging gifts every night when we light candles for “the Festival of Lights”.

One article I read said that the Greeks urinated into the storage containers of holy oil for the Ner Tamid, the eternal light which is always above the Holy Ark (where Torahs are kept).

At that time the original “Ark of the Covenant” was not there, supposedly destroyed previously by the Babylonian occupying army.
The High Priest of Ethiopia claims that they are the guardians of the Ark of The Covenant. Supposedly, it was stolen in 10 BCE and brought to Ethiopia, by the Queen of Sheba’s bastard son who at the age of 20 visited his father, King Solomon. He did not steal it himself but by some elite Jews who returned to Ethiopia with him. The High Priest claims that they observed 2000 years of Judaism and 1000 years of Christianity. He has not seen the ark as there is only one Guardian who can actually see the holy relic at some obscure remote Church.
The move to create a “Roman Christian” religion out of “Jewish Christianity”, was then made the imperative enacted in 400 AD as the power of Rome was declining and wealth depleted from years of civil war. Christians tended to be the poor, but were massive in following at that time.

Emperor Constantine wanted holidays to reflect the “sacrifice Jesus made for you” so many Christian holidays involved fasting and other sacrifices in honor of Jesus, the son of God. The only two festive celebratory holidays were Christmas and Easter. Other Christian holidays required fasting and contributions to “the Church”. Until that time Jesus was considered to be the Jewish Messiah. Constantine’s enclave of Christian Priests then defined Jesus as Divine or the son of God and the Holy trinity grew from that. They wrote what eventually became the New Testament.

This year it is coincidental that the celebration of Thanksgiving and Chanukah and has not happened since 1888. From a purely numerical standpoint it’s a pretty big deal.

Math geeks say the last time it happened — at least since President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday — was in 1888. And by one calculation it won’t happen again for another — hold onto your latkes — 79,000 years.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/11/11/4614193/this-year-thanksgiving-hanukkah.html#storylink=cpy


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