My iPad Fails to Charge During a Cycle After Upgrading to IOS 7

I have read two interesting articles recently.

1) Apple has 10% of all of the industrial “cash piles” of all companies in the US. That is what cash hoard they have in the bank. A lot of that is “offshore” so they avoid paying certain taxes.

2) The European Union might try to force Apple to make phones with micro USB charging connectors to make it one standard in Europe to cut down on electronic waste.

Before I upgraded my iPad to IOS 7, I had no problems charging it with third party chargers or the cheap cables. One reason was that I had COMPLETE control over my iPad and iPhone via a jailbreak and could disable that check and dialog from EVER coming up. That is something Apple doesn’t want you to be able to do!

There is something to be said about the Apple reliability and value retention of their products, is due to the tight integration of all of the products and peripherals. As a manufacturer, you must pay Apple a fee and have the peripheral tested by Apple before they will “bless” the sale or marketing using the Apple logo to promote your peripheral. As a manufacturer, you pay for all of your own research and development, then have to pay Apple to review and test then certify the product. Then pay Apple a percentage of every unit you sell.

Now I’ve read the the EU is taking actions against Apple to unify the charging connecter for cell phones under one standard, to eliminate all of the waste, every time a new adapter is developed and the old peripherals wind up in the trash.

I have had this angst about having to buy new adapters for years — every time a new cell phone came out. I now have quite a HUGEOUS collection of expensive car chargers and adapters in a large box going back to my first MOTO Razor from Sprint, through the Treo years (every model came with a different adapter). All with no apparent value.

In my not so humble opinion (IMNSHO), THIS has been a tactic by phone makers for years for “after sales”. Like when you go to the grocery store with a kid in tow. Never mind they want everything sweet they see while your shopping. When you get to the checkout counter, there is a huge candy rack and a soda dispenser! Oh and for the addled weird, all of those awful rag celebrity sensationalist tabloids.

I have always had two or more adapters for every phone. They break, and I always wanted to keep one at my office, or next to my bed. Plugging and unplugging them wears them out quickly. It’s nice having a less expensive choice in chargers with multiple USB outs, or a long cable Apple simply doesn’t make.

That said however, the new Apple Lightening connectors do seem superior to me. It doesn’t matter which way you plug them in. So there will be less wear or breakage because you don’t align the tiny micro USB plug just right. I returned two Samsung Galaxy S phones for just that reason and three LG Optimus Elites with a damaged charging connector in the phone. To early to say if the lightening connectors or ports are any tougher, but it seems an improvement over Micro USB to me.

Rather than forcing Apple to reconfigure their adapters, the EU should insist that Samsung, LG, Nokia, et all other manufacturers adopt the Lightning connector, the superior product. Apple should remove the restriction on third party makers of cables and chargers, so they will work and not be allowed a monopoly on these items. At least perhaps free the design standard and let the manufacturers pay reduced fees for using it.

Apple collected “royalty” revenue for MANY years by developing SCSI, that became industry standard. That’s right Virginia! Every PC Card that was made for Wintel machines, paid Apple a royalty. Apple also developed Firewire 400 & 800, which wasn’t so widely used by manufacturers as SCSI. BUT FW800 WAS FAR SUPERIOR TO USB2 had smaller plugs and adopted early on by digital video camera manufacturers because it was faster and capable of streaming audi and video at fast data rates.

The PC world seemed to always lag behind Apple’s superior technology opting for inferior technology just so as not to have to pay Apple royalties. Thunderbolt evolved out of the Display port technology and is multitudes faster than USB 3. It is slow catching on 1) because it is only offered on Apple Macs 2) Apple’s ridiculous evaluation and royalty process it puts 3rd party manufactures through to qualify as Apple Certified.

Noting that Apple charges a “royalty fee” for “signed” third party makers of peripheral cables and chargers, there is a chip that if not present in your iPad charging cable, you get a message saying “This adapter may may not work reliably with this device”. And it doesn’t work all the time. I have to plug and unplug it a few times. I didn’t have to do this before updating to IOS 7. THIS IS SOFTWARE APPLE BUILT INTO IOS7 THAT IS MONOPOLISTIC. Why doesn’t the FTC investigate that?

Doesn’t Apple make enough money without gouging the end user, and the Third party manufacturers? Apple shot themselves in the foot by keeping a closed system and letting Windows become the “standard”. Apple partnered with Microsoft in the early years, and when the Mac came out with GUI, BILL GATES said, “I WANT THAT!” and reverse engineered the Mac OS to create Windows. It sucked then as it does now, but by mass marketing to many PC makers, it took the Lions share and made everything in the computer world cheaper.

Apple broke the cell phone model with the iPhone. I think they made another blunder by restricting it to AT&T for so long. They also had Samsung (and still do have some parts made by Samsung in iPhones) partners manufacturing the first iPhone in part. Those Koreans are smart, and they reverse engineered iPhone and came out with the Galaxy line. Now Samsung is outselling iPhone worldwide. Apparently that kooky company and it’s Board of Directors forget the lessons of the past.

Oh, and Android the OS was also reverse engineered, on most Smartphones besides Apple, developed by Google, also once an Apple partner and GOOGLE CEO was on Apple’s Board of Directors! Google was smart too and hired many ex-Apple engineers or lured them out of the stressful Apple development culture, into the benevolent Google culture. And according to Walt Mossberg’s biography of
Jobs he quoted Steve saying, “I would spend every penny of Apples’ money to crush Android.” Google is one of those rare companies that respects and values employees and where they are taken care of and rated (not berated) one of the best companies to work for.

I have one piece of advice for Tim Cook and Apple management team and Board of Directors. Learn from history. Steve Jobs made Apple a great company — twice. But he also made some major “partnering blunders” that caused Apple to almost fall off the world radar, when PC’s were the hot commodity and by keeping Apple such a closed system. Do what you guys do best. Innovate and create superior products. Let other companies make printers, toasters, support cables and chargers for your products. And if you truly have the TV Steve said he had the idea for, lets fxxxing see it already! You guys might lose the war to Samsung who already make great Smart TV’s!

Spend a little of your cash hoard and send every Apple user a Christmas gift.

okay that is two pieces of advice, hence my 2¢ worth.

Avi Learner – IndyMac Support – Cell: 317-938-2158

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