1Password, The Geico Pig, a 5 year old Apple user, and no NFC in IOS7

1Password is the just the best thing since, well Macs... best software buy I have EVER made. Just don’t EVER forget the MASTER password. And never give it to anyone. I used to use a 3rd party notepad to keep my passwords in. You could lock it too. But the author quit updating it when OSX STOPPED SUPPORTING legacy apps. So then I went to stickies. But you still had to copy and paste. I wrote an automater script to do it, and it worked okay, as long as the user id field said user id or email address. But sometimes if I clicked on the wrong Sticky note, it would fail.


1Password resolves all of those issues AND passes it across all of your Apple devices. So whether you create an account on your iPhone or Mac it syncs all of them automatically. you can store the database on you Mac, on your own server, if you have access to your own web page for instance. Or you can sync through DROP BOX or iCloud. I was leery at first about putting all of my personal sensitive data into the cloud. But after talking to the author personally, he assured me that the 256 bit encryption the database is saved in was extremely unlikely to be hacked by anyone but the NSA or McGee on NCIS. UNLESS I was a criminal or worse, the T word, pretty unlikely that any hacker would find it and bother trying to break into it to get my social security number or debit card with my paltry Disability SS balance.

It organizes EVERYTHING you want secure. Even though it doesn’t yet allow you to pull up a credit card and scan it in directly, the author says that is coming soon. you can hand the cashier the phone and they can punch in the number manually. It will be cool when it also can be scanned. It doesn’t talk to 3rd party bank apps, Facebook app or other apps, and uses its own browser on IOS. On Mac, it installs a plug in for Safari, Firefox or Chrome. So if you use any other browser, you will have to pick one of the free ones.

Esver as you all know already, is an enthusiastic and thorough presenter. And I hazard a guess that if you have more than twenty things you want to keep secure, and you don’t already use 1Password. You will be downloading it before Esver gets through with his presentation.

You all must have seen the Geico commercial where the pig driving a blue Vdub convertible Rabbit gets pulled over, and hands the cop his smart phone and says in response to the trooper.”What is this?” Its my Geico app its digital, pretty cool, huh?” “Maybe”, the cop says, “know why I stopped you?” “..because I am a pig driving a convertible?” No”, the cop says. “Because your tail light is out. fix it!”

i have my drivers license and bar code scanned in, and with a swipe, you expose my insurance card. I got stopped one sunny day, so I thought what the heck, I’ll try it. rather than taking out my wallet. “Is this a digitally secured iPhone?” the trooper asked. Cool Ive been wanting to try this. wanna see?” So i follow him back to his squad car an he gets in and beckons me to look at his computer, thru the driver side window. “let’s see if this works.”

He has what looks like a credit card swiper at the bottom of his computer, but he presses a button and holds my iPhone underneath and there is a scanner light too. Bam, all my nefarious BMV deeds pop up on the screen instantly. “Thats faster than the scanner too, but I see you’ve had three moving violations in the last two years?” he says to me rather sternly, “you know what that means?”.. I was going to say, “you are yanking my license away or I’m going to jail, right?”

But before I could, he says. “just kidding you. your taillight is out, fix it!” I say, “oh,,. just like the Geico Pig, eh?” He cracks up laughing, “but your POS VW is a bit newer than his!” Still laughing. “It’s a 98 Audi”, I say. “Well excuuuuuse meeeee, in his best Hoosier imitation of Steve Martin as he hands me back my iPhone. I swear!

Hold on just a second. This kid can’t be more than 25-28, how would he know a Steve Martin routine from 1973, before he was born?, I thought as I changed the bulb in my taillight, got back into my car and applied the brake. He flips his siren on into some kind of whistle. As he passes by me as he is pulling out, he says, “cop car has some wild and crazy things, too!” again ala Steve Martin. I nearly wet myself laughing out loud when he took off with his lights still flashing.

I pass him about a mile down the expressway, and he has a guy patting him down with his hands up against his BMW. “GUESS HE didn’t have an iPhone with 1Password installed, or he was not a Porcupine”. i chuckled to myself. That is my best 1Password experience, and I’m sticking to that story, for true Ripley!
Android made a big deal about NFC (near field communication) and rolled it out prematurely. People were getting hacked and hackers were breaking into merchants. Best Buy was an early adopter, but then cancelled that pretty quickly. Tim cook said in the WWDC keynote, “Airdrop will now work in IOS 7 and Mavericks and across all devices. want to send someone across the room or down the hall a file or VCard? just drag it to Airdrop then tap on the user you want to send it to. No bumping phones or any of that stuff.”

I think soon 1Password will generate those new bar codes when you put in a credit card, and they can scan the information with a scanner. to be secure, you will have to go to the cash register with your phone in a restaurant. but the author also says you will be able to lock the screen with just that barcode. So theoretically they could take your iPhone and not be able to get into anything else.

i don’t know about you, but I rarely let my iPhone out of my sight. I get nervous when my grandkids want to play on mine. which isn’t too often. Because even my 5 year old granddaughter has her own IPhone AND HER OWN IPAD.


Fortunately their parents are aware of too much computer time or video games and set limits and use KIDLOCKs. We were riding in the car with the 5 year old. My ex and I were discussing how different things were, and how much we played outside all summer when we were kids. there was TV, but it was far more fun getting into trouble with your friends or playing ball.

So I asked my ex, “giving the boys a choice to go out and play baseball or football with the neighborhood kids, or staying in and playing video games, which do you think they would choose?” Before she could answer, from the back seat Leah pauses her game on her iPad and says, “…why, bideo(sic) games of course Grandpa, what a silly question!”
What a geeky world we borned these kids into! None of them will ever be without a smart phone, unless they ultimately choose otherwise. But I just don’t see that ever, ever, happening. I held my iPhone at the end of the baby bottle feeding my new baby granddaughter the other day. She sucked the bottle dry, then kept sucking, not taking her eyes from the screen until the video ended.

Now John, don’t steal my idea and create an iPhone Baby Bottle holder!
My doctor daughter thinks the AMA might object, ANYWAY!
Apple gadgets are just to compelling, darn it! Cant wait to see what amazing thing they roll out next year! I definitely would kill to get my hands on a new MacPro.

I might have to sell one of those grandkids to get one! (JK)