Future Of IOS – iPad, Nikon and the Zip Line

I am becoming more convinced of Apple’s IOS roadmap for future products. My iPad 4 is a phenomenal tool. The camera, although limited is suburb. It is a bit difficult to username bright daylight. So as a camera it has that limitation. That said however, the availability and ability to use software up the gazoo to manage, manipulate, edit, warp and control images on the same device is remarkable. The imagination of developers to maximize the iPad functionality, maintaining the ease of use and intuitive interfaces are like Star Trek cool.

Having had some real Mac trouble over the last few days, I finally get why Apple has made the IOS environment somewhat restrictive. By limiting some user controls and forcing developers to comply and program within high rigid standards, provides the best end user experience, usually trouble free. Although I am much less the freewheeling spirit I used be and a lot more conservative and take far fewer risks these days,

I plan to take a ride on the Indy 500 Zipline on May 17th. I plan on running a video with my Nikon J1 mounted the top of a football helmet, while taking video with my iPad. It looks scary, but life is too short not to try and risk once in a while. I hope my weight won’t be an issue. I am not 380 lbs. like the last time you guys saw me. But after cancer, I have put some weight back on (270lbs if you must know).

I will put the results onto my website and Facebook.