Such Tragedy. “Momma’s, Don’t Let Your Sons Grow Up To Be Cowboys!”

How long are we to remain known as the Cowboy Nation? Early in his 2008 campaign for office, before President Obama was elected, he said in a speech something to the effect, “… I don’t want to take your guns away from you!”

I wonder if he thinks differently now? Sure, that was the politically expedient thing to say to dissuade “on the fence” right wing voters worried that their warped interpretation of the second amendment, could be compromised.

Isn’t it just time we stopped being the world joke? Any country we might travel to, people think of Amerikans as rude, obnoxious, gun toting, cowboys. Especially in the Orient, introduced as an American, you might get the response, ” Oh, Amerikans, John Wayne, bang, bang!” I’ve had it happen while traveling in South America.

The first to die in this tragedy in Newtown, should have been the only one, his idiot mother. Taking the autistic kid to a gun range? Buying semi-automatic weapons? I heard a gun advocate say on TV, “… It’s too bad the poor principal didn’t have a gun to defend herself!” So we should all arm ourselves I guess. That’s the answer? Since we will not be able to get the guns prayed out of their fingers unless, as Charleton Heston infamously once said, “…you won’t get my gun unless you pry it from my cold dead fingers!”

I’m on the fence myself. I have owned guns, but I don’t now. My parents would never have one in our home. Our neighbor did, and I was more enamored of him, than my own father. My father experienced war, and I think he felt strongly that guns kill people, and wanted nothing to do with them. Shortly after moving back to Miami in 1993, I discovered my step father had guns. I took them and sold them as soon as I found out. I suppose I should have just taken them to the police and ask them to be destroyed.

So are we now to revert to anarchy? Must we now all be armed to protect ourselves from an irate neighbor? I think we need to ban all guns now and forever more. I have a grandson who is seven and a granddaughter who is four. My pregnant daughter is engaged to a man who owns guns and I fear for her and her children’s safety.

I hope and pray I never have to face what the tragically lost families of Newtown, Connecticut have to bear. Such a tragedy. How many more innocent children have to die in this country from gun violence of other children or madmen/women? Another gun advocate said on the news today, “… Fifteen million children die every year from hunger, why don’t we start to feed them instead of taking our guns away?” Feed them what, GUNS?


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