LG OPTIMUS ELITE – iPhone 3G CloneFamilies using Electronic Gadgets don’t talk to each other.

Simply put, the iPhone started a telecommunications battle royal, as well as a mobile revolution. Not only for “geeks” like me, but anyone who can afford the huge price for data service that comes along with the price tag of the phone itself.  You barely see a flip phone anymore.  With subsidies, just about anyone can get sucked into a 2 year contract for a “free” iPhone (3GS) or a $99 iPhone 4.

All the electronics companies have jumped on the bandwagon, with Samsung Galaxy III running Google’s Android OS leading the chase of Apple’s iPhones (still only able to access 3G data networks), Windows mobile a pale third place.  The GS3 is HUGE compared to the iPhone. Great if you want to watch movies, unwieldy just a tad, in my opinion to put into your shirt pocket.

Apple is the most valuable company in the world. The iPhone helped make it so and it’s sale alone exceed ALL OF MICROSOFT sales combined. My last iPhone was a 3G (still in use by my grandson). Had a Samsung Galaxy S on T-Mobile which was a very fast phone on 4G HSPA+ data (4G supposedly) network. It’s now an orphaned product unable to use the latest Android OS.

T-Mobile is now as outrageously priced as ATT with no flexibility, once you have signed a contract. Their data network is the fastest with 40mbps available in some large markets. No other carriers offer data service even close in speed.  The ads they run claiming “unlimted data” is a bold face lie.  They cap at 2 or 5GB after which the speed slows down to Edge (2g) speeds.  However, they are the only major network NOT offering the IPhone. They plan to offer the radio frequency the iPhone 3G data Service runs on. So millions of iPhone 4G phones (unlocked) currently using TMobile, will get faster data service than on ATT.

Along comes Richard Branson and another Virgin product, Virgin Mobile (on the Sprint network). Their service is “Pre-paid”. $35/month gets you 500 minutes of talk time, unlimited text and data. $45 dollars a month gets 1200 minutes talk, unlimited data and text. Less than half of what I was paying T-Mobile. T-Mobile offers a $49 PLAN plan if you get two lines capping data at 2GB and a two year agreement.

For a hundred forty-nine bucks
($149) the LG-OPTIMUS ELITE is better than the Galaxy S, iPhone 3G and has a faster processor than iPhone 4, particularly because of it’s 2 gigabyte built in memory and faster processor. Memory is expandable (unlike iPhones) with MicroSD cards up to 32 gigs.

For the price (now under $100) – it’s the nicest small smart phone I’ve owned and works well with a 4GB or 8GB card. It’s maybe 2mm taller than the 3G and a soft rubber iPhone 3g case fits petty well with an Exacto knife modification.


I haven’t had the pleasure of iPhone 4 or 4S. Virgin plans to offer the 4S unlocked for $649.95, the iPhone 4 for $549.95 and no contract. These prices should drop now that the iPhone 5 has been released.  I might go with a 4S if/when they get the price around $250. Of Course knowing how Apple rolls, it wouldn’t surprise me if it takes some time for Virgin to get to “close out pricing”.  I was at Best Buy yesterday and noticed the LG Optimus Elite now selling for only $99.00.

I introduced smart phones and Mac computers to my family. Not that they wouldn’t have discovered them on their own, I just was first.

I recently found it somehow disconcerting when at a recent family gathering all my family members not interacting, but absorbed in a computer, iPad, or cell phone. Even little Leah at 4 years old, was busy playing on her iPad. Although she was curling up in my lap explaining the game as she played it.

My Aunt Ruth once said to me, “I want to BE with people, not just talk to them on a cell phone or thru a computer”. I didn’t agree with her at the time, but I’ve changed my mind, and long for my family “get togethers” where we actually talk and play with one another.

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