Is Applecare Worth the Added Expense?

Typically, I have to concur with Dougal about rejecting “extended warranties” in the past. That said however, it still is an extra profit center for manufacturers, and really doesn’t ever cost them anything. If you consider they to invest your money the entire time they have it, until your machine breaks, they have made the cost of repair ten times over what you paid.
But then on the consumer side, there is a distinct advantage for buying Applecare. I have repeatedly spoken about how I buy machines, always opting for a refurb than a new box. Never buying the first generation to begin with of a new model in the first place and NEVER without Applecare.

Apple does have the reputation for excellence in design, engineering and manufacturing. However precise electronics parts manufacturing might be, there are always flaws that can occur.

Mother boards are made by soldering the parts onto the board. Solder is a pliable soft lead based metal that is affected by heat. We ask know computers generate heat. Even today server rooms are kept as cold as they can make them, in order to protect delicate electronics from heat and humidity.

One of Steve Jobs “pet peeves” was fan noise. Evidenced by the lack of a blower or fan at all in the original iMac. That machine baffled me completely. No floppy drive, outrageous? No serial ports, only USB? NO FANS? Surely Apple has lost it’s friggin mind!

IMac was the first significant change in Apple’s lineup upon the return of Steve Jobs from NeXT computers. I expected that first machine to be more like the cube NeXT box. But a transparent Aqua  bubble with a hockey puck mouse? I sold off most of my Apple stock (only to buy it back later on) thinking the pundits were right, “Apple is a dying company”.

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