Upgrade To (Mountain) Lion or Not? I’m (not) Waiting (any longer)

IMG_0751.thBefore I could finish this article, Apple has announced a new operating system called “Mountain Lion”. I recently “upgraded” to LION and so far have not had any problems except older PowerPC programs that used to run under Rosetta, don’t run any more.

My guess is new machines will work fine out of the box. Problems seem to be popping up for Lion upgraders when installing software (like MS OFFICE, Filemaker and even the new Final Cut Pro X). Most issues crop up during or after OS upgrades due to anomolies or unnoticeable issues already present in an old installation. They may not cause any noticeable problems on their own, but are exacerbated by the update or driver conflicts contained within the “upgrade”.

That is why I prefer a “clean” installation of the OS, so you know everything is working like it should,  then I use the “Migration Assistant” to move all of my third party applications and documents to the “new” system.  Hard drive units are so inexpensive these days, it makes no sense not to have a at least one backup drive, if not several.

The next issue is driver support from third party software and hardware peripherals. My ex-wife’s iMac worked fine in Leopard with her HP 1020 Laserjet, using the 1022 drivers. When I upgraded her to Snow Leopard, that work around ceased working.

I think Apple doesn’t give developers enough lead time with beta releases in order to update drivers. On the other hand companies selling hardware like HP create orphans of useful peripherals without driver support in order to drive sales.

Of course Apple uses the same strategy to get us to buy new hardware, now abandoning PowerPC, ROSETTA, Appletalk, Internal Dvd drives, ports, on and on. It’s called “PROGRESS”, folks.  I’m updating this article the day after the “new”  iPad (not named iPad 3, but technically is the third release version)

I haven’t didn’t upgrade to Lion yet as an early adopter, because I haven’t found didn’t  find a compelling argument to do so. Does it run significantly faster? Not from what I’ve read, in fact many “upgraders” say just the opposite. This could be due to carry over problems mentioned above.

New machines with Lion installed are complaining about the lack of ability to install common installations of Word, and Filemaker for instance, while upgraders claim already installed versions work fine.

So yes John I agree with you. I normally jump to get the latest upgrades, so I can be current, and suportive for clients. Since I don’t have that many anymore, I can’t afford the even the cheap upgrade, or the downtime chasing driver workarounds. I’ll wait for 10.7.2 or 3, when I hear the anomolies and driver conflicts catch up to the OS, AND OSX works out the new bugs it has introduced.

Avi Learner – # 317.938.9333


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