Chanukah Lights from Indiana

Chanukah with Nathan, Jacob Leah and friends
Chanukah Kids 2010

Of course you know how Uncle Harry made his serigraphy. He used b&w litho films to separate the colors shot through different color filters.

Harry Shokler’s Website

The picture above represents a modern computerized version of his technique, sort of. The end result you see is the result of layering three separate digital photo images in Photoshop.

Two of the photos, including the main image, is somewhat softer than the image of the Menorah and orange matt. The picture of “Menorah On An Orange Matt”, was taken the following night with a 4G iPhone which has a better camera resolution.

The picture of Leah was cut and layered to the front (from the other kids, behind Nathan Zeh are brother and sister of Abi in the hat) of the main image.

The photo of Jacob was from a completely different image taken that same night. I took those on an iPhone 3G then used Photoshop CS4 on my Mac. Doing this allowed me to do in a few minutes what used to take me a week, to do photomechanically.

Photo magic, huh? Uncle Harry’s Serigraphy was an early means of separating color images pre-color photo films being available. It was a means of widely distributing his paintings in a variety of sizes.


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