Jobs Announces iPhone SDK tools

We think a few months of patience now will be rewarded by many years of great third party applications running on safe and reliable iPhones.

Steve (P. Jobs)

P.S.: The SDK will also allow developers to create applications for iPod touch. [Oct 17, 2007]

I’m not sure why Steve Jobs didn’t just think of saying this back at the Developer Conference when announcing the iPhone. He could have said “soon after” or “within a reasonable amount of time” or “soon, with relation to the release of Leopard and it’s new SDK’s”. Perhaps this is all part of his plan anyway. They say, “… any press is good press”, so I imagine the furor over the iPhone and it’s “closed” architecture was a test for Apple to find out how vulnerable this v.1 product is, also to see how truly interested developers really are in the platform.

Personally, I wasn’t particularly worried about iPhone progress. Although I must say I was expecting more advanced features sooner than this. Even if they release a completely new model soon, that makes the current one obsolete. Unlocked units will be sold in France, so I can see that it will logically follow they will propagate all over the world. Once the chip-set comes along to allow them complete portability between CDMA and GSM systems, the iPhone will be everywhere! Apple might be smart enough to put the code limiting the iPhone use to certain countries or excluding (somehow) the unlocked versions from working in the USA.

I can’t think that Apple is hurting for cash, as it’s always been said that their reserves were flush with cash. But now they have a guaranteed multi-year cash flow promise from AT&T. After all, if AT&T and all of the other cell providers in this country get away with these ridiculous “penalty” fees they foist upon the public, why wouldn’t Apple be able to continue the monthly drain on AT&T?

As an investor in Apple stock, this makes good financial sense to me and can only go to support the confidence the market has in Apple’s ability to continue innovating. Keep up the good work Apple, and “Thank You” –Steve–!


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